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Climate Resilience and Fashion’s Costs of Adaptation

February 28, 20240

πŸ“’ The fashion industry faces a critical challenge highlighted by the MiB-Cornell Event in Dhaka 🚨

Extreme heat and flooding threaten $65 billion in apparel export earnings and nearly 1 million jobs by 2030, according to groundbreaking research from Cornell University and Schroders, unveiled today. Immediate action is imperative!

πŸ” Key Findings:
– 32 apparel production hubs analyzed, revealing widespread exposure to climate risks.
– Adaptation measures aren’t prioritized enough; investors must engage with stakeholders.
– Supply chain footprint mapped for six global brands, highlighting impacts on workers and manufacturers.
– Urgent need for social protection mechanisms and climate adaptation finance.

At the event, panelists from MiB, Cornell University, and industry stakeholders emphasized the urgency for collaborative action to tackle climate challenges head-on. πŸ’ͺ

πŸ’¬ “Collective action with commitment and climate adaptation finance to protect apparel workers amidst climate change challenges”, Mr Jason Judd (Executive Director, GLI) said during the research presentation.
πŸ’¬ “MiB and BRAC University’s CED proudly support Cornell University’s study, emphasizing policy implications for navigating climate challenges in fashion”, said Ms Afshana Choudhury (Lead Operations Officer, MiB & Joint Director, CED-BRACU).
πŸ’¬ “We must invest in innovation and sustainability for long-term viability,” remarked Mr. Sheikh H M Mustafiz (Managing Director, Cute Dress Industry Ltd).
πŸ’¬ “Brand responsibility and collaboration are key to addressing climate challenges,” added Mr. Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain (Climate Action Lead-Global Supply Chain, Lindex.
πŸ’¬ “Climate-resilient practices are crucial for both the environment and worker welfare,” stressed Ms. Nazma Akter (Founder & Executive Director, Awaj Foundation).
πŸ’¬ “Academia and investors play a vital role in driving industry-wide change,” highlighted Professor Matin Abdullah (Technical Lead, MiB & Professor, Dept. of CSE, BRAC University).

The event was presided over by Professor Mohammad Mahboob Rahman, PhD, Treasurer of BRAC University.

The open floor discussion highlighted the need for a unified approach and future partnerships to enhance sector sustainability and resilience. Let’s take informed action to protect our industry and planet! 🌱

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