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Day 3 Wrap-Up: Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Workshop at Sylhet

March 7, 20240

The final act of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs workshop in Sylhet was nothing short of spectacular! Our incredible participants showcased their ground-breaking business ideas through compelling mock pitches, utilizing lean canvases to map out their visions. 💼

🚀 Key Highlights:

Lean Canvas Mastery: With determination and keen insights, each entrepreneur crafted a comprehensive lean canvas, mapping out the essential components of their business models. This preparation was the foundation for their mock pitches to a panel of jurors, where they confidently presented their ideas, embodying the essence of entrepreneurial spirit. 💪

Product Showcase: A few of the participants brought along some of their products to showcase amongst the cohort allowing them to demonstrate the practical application of their ideas, offering a unique opportunity for peer feedback and fostering a supportive community atmosphere. 🌟

Cultural Showcase: The day was also a celebration of diverse talents, with participants sharing their cultural heritage through singing, dancing, and poetry, enriching the workshop with moments of joy and unity. 🎵

A heartfelt thank you to all the inspiring women who made this workshop a transformative journey.

This is but the beginning of a journey towards greater success and empowerment.

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